Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottle recycling increased 161million pounds in 2012, edging up 6.2 percent, to reach a record high of nearly 2.8 billion pounds for the year.  During 2012, the collection of high-density polyethylene (HDPE, #2) bottles—a category that includes milk jugs and bottles for household cleaners and detergents—rose 45.3 million pounds to top one billion pounds for the first time, helping to boost the recycling rate for HDPE bottles from 29.9 to 31.6 percent.

The 23rd annual National Post-Consumer Plastics Bottle Recycling Report marks the twenty first consecutive year that Americans have increased the pounds of plastic bottles that have been returned for recycling. The pounds of bottles collected for recycling has grown each year since the survey began in 1990. The recycling rate for plastic bottles reached 30.5 percent in 2012.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Resourses: