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Grocery Store Chain Says Bag Recycling up by 10 Percent
Want to Bat Cleanup? Plastics Make It Possible® Encourages Baseball Fans to Recycle More Plastics
Plastics Make It Possible® and "Ace of Cakes" Duff Goldman Launch Video Series on Reducing Food and Packaging Waste
Flexible Film Recycling Group Supports New Efforts in Wisconsin to Grow Plastic Film Recycling
Plastics Makers Increase Support for Community-Based Recycling Programs Through Curbside Value Partnership
Recycling of Rigid Plastics Surpasses One Billion Pounds, Triples Since 2007
New Social Sharing Campaign to Spark Greater Recycling of Common Flexible Plastic Wraps
Plastics Makers Honor Innovators in Plastics Recycling
Plastics Make It Possible® Sends Mobile Recycling Bins to Six College Cities to Celebrate America Recycles Day
Wegmans Food Markets Joins Plastic Film Recycling Group
Recycling of HDPE Bottles Tops One Billion Pounds in 2012
Milwaukee Launches New Campaign to Increase Recycling of Plastic Bags and Wraps
Call for Entries for Innovation in Plastics Recycling Awards
Plastics Make It Possible® and HGTV Designer Taniya Nayak Launch "Recycling Makeover" Video Series
Plastic Film Recycling Group Gaining Momentum With New Members, Initiatives
Recycling Campaign Yields Impressive Results Statewide
Recycling of Rigid Plastics Tops 930 Million Pounds Annually
Recycling of Plastic Bags, Wraps and Film Rises to One Billion Pounds Annually, Most Sales to Domestic Processors
Resolving to Be Greener in 2013?
America Recycles Day Survey Says: Americans Feel They're Not Doing Enough for the Environment
Plastics Makers Honor Innovators in Plastics Recycling
Nominations Open for Innovation in Plastics Recycling Awards
Plastic Bottle Recycling Continues to Climb in the United States
Study: Over Seventy Percent of Americans Can Recycle Plastic Bags and Wraps Locally
New Facebook Community Dedicated to Plastics Recycling
Recycling of Non-Bottle Rigid Plastics Soars 72 Percent in Single Year
Recycling of Plastic Bags and Wraps Climbs 50 Percent in Five Years
Plastic Bag Collection Events Tip the Scales on America Recycles Day
Plastics Recycling? There's an App for That
Plastic Bottle Recycling Hits Record High as Access Increases in United States
Innovators in Plastics Recycling Honored
Access to Plastics Recycling More Widespread Than Previously Believed
Statewide Bag Recycling Program Launches in North Carolina
Collapse Media Reports and EditorialsMedia Reports and Editorials
At Home and At the Ball Park, Recycling Is Always a Home Run
Plasticity 2014: New Ways of Thinking About Old Problems
Plastic Recycling Gets a Boost with Three New How2Recycle Members
Berry Plastics Partners with Moore Recycling Associates to Launch Interactive Plastic Recycle Program Locater Map
County Expanding Use of Large Recycling Rollcarts
Recycling Associations Release Joint Plastic Specs for First Time
New Opportunities in Plastic Film Recycling
Cereal Launches in a Reusable Zippered Pouch
Curbside Upgrade
Grocery Stores Pick Up on Consumer Recycling Trends
State to Collect and Recycle Empty Pesticide Containers
New York City Adds Rigid Plastics to Recycling Program
Kellogg's Joins How2Recycle Labeling System
Acer Launches LED-Backlit Monitors Made of Recycled Plastic
Minneapolis Residents Are Embracing Single-Sort Recycling
Foam Recycling Underway at Newby Recyclery
Study Shows That the Majority of Canadians Have Access to Recycling Most Consumer Plastic Packages
New Plan to Jumpstart Package Recycling
Brookline Recycling Corner: Welcome to the Confusing World of Plastic Film Recycling
Team USA's Lightest Basketball Jerseys Ever Are Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
APR Study Analyzes Plastics from Various Bale Types
City Residents Fill Up First Container with Foam Polystyrene (Styrofoam)!
America Recycles Day: Philly to Start Taking Foam
Knox Firm Finds Solution for Recycling-Resistant Waste
Senior Wins Styrofoam Recycling Award
The Value of Plastics
Plastics Recycling...A Bigger Business Than You Think
King County Encourages Plastic Bag Recycling Through Annual "Bag Your Bags" Campaign
TerraCycle and Solo to Recycle Iconic Red Cups
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INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. Bag and Film Recycling Surpasses One Billion Pounds
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